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Month: August 2018

Today IBM Docs 2.0 CR3 ifix004 has been published

IBM Docs 2.0 CR3 ifix004 is fresh off the development computers and made available via FixCentral. While not bringing any new major functionality (it is an iFix after all 😉 ) it will bring the following improvements: Removed an incorrect warning of W error loading httpclient: null when starting Viewer server. Fixed the broken link issue of urls that include # when editing or viewing files. Fixed the editing issue on Chrome 67 and later versions that when opening a file for editing, an error shows that the document is already open and requires you to go to the other…

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Let us know your product ideas for IBM Connections & Docs

With the shutdown of Greenhouse we also lost the platform where customers, business partner and even IBMers could give input on improvements and new features for the Connections platform.  With our new Connections Product Idea Lab you are now able to give that crucial feedback again and the whole community can vote on it, allowing Offering Management to get a better idea on what is really important to you. This probably isn’t big news to you and might have heard it before. But did you also know, that the Docs team is also eager hearing from you? They have their…

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