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Connections 6.0 CR1 has been released

In case you have not noticed: IBM Connections 6.0 CR1 has been released and is available for downloading.


You can download CR1 here.

You will need to update the databases, so grab the update scripts here.

You also need to update the TDISOL: AIX&Linux or Windows.

If you are using Filenet, then you will also need to upgrade your Filenet Engine after the installation of CR1. Find more information and the download links here.

The Step by Step guide on how to deploy CR1 can be found here.


Here the list of fixes included in CR1:

IC 6.0 Day1:

APAR# Component Problem Description
LO91711 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Removed exceptions that were generated after a life-cycle event
LO91711 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Addressed an a11y compliance issue for Communities Calendar Widget
LO91711 Common UI Fixed truncated lines in the drop down menu in Community Files
LO91711 Common UI OrientMe: Integrated the Action Center with the IC 6.0 header
LO91711 Communities Cleaned up ConcurrentModificationExceptions log noise related to the Rich Content widget
LO91711 Communities Corrected the failure when copying a Community that the contains a Rich Content widget
LO91711 Files Fixed the problem when object storage was enabled for Files, the Rich Content Widget wouldn’t display
LO91711 Files Fixed an issue where a different file with same name as file in a subfolder would not be allowed in the root of My Drive
LO91711 Homepage/News General Improvements in Homepage\News for robustness and support for Redis Clustering/Sentinel
LO91711 Profiles Improvements to Profiles to support Orient Me
LO91711 WidgetContainer/
Modifications to the default of the @all Community feed to not return a 403 when requesting stories that user doesn’t have access to.
LO91711 Wikis Corrected an issue when the focus was not visible in the Rich Content widget after adding a link

IC 6.0 June Update:

APAR# Component Problem Description
LO92151 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Improvements to event data for pink people service.
LO92151 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Fixed a log noise issue related to Blogs
LO92151 CKEditor Corrected a problem where an SSLContext initialization error was generated when adding the Rich Content Widget
LO92151 CKEditor Cleaned up log noise with Instances of concurrency exceptions within the use of the RestTemplates for the Rich Content widget
LO92151 CKEditor Improvements to the DynacacheUsersConnectionRepository for the Rich Content Widget
LO92151 Common UI Add Apps Palette – Implemented Tabs for AVT compliance
LO92151 Common UI Fixed the problem when clicking on the Bell Icon was not clearing ‘Unseen Badge’ in Action Center
LO92151 Common UI Gen4 theme: Corrected a problem where the Add Apps & Change Layout palettes did not display correctly
LO92151 Communities Corrected a problem where an SSLContext initialization error was generated when adding the Rich Content Widget
LO92151 Help Introduced the term “Orient Me” and minor fixes
LO92151 Homepage Improvements for handling Redis password settings
LO92151 Homepage Improvements to handing internal caching on the filesystem
LO92151 Mobile Required Mobile Updates for v6.0.0 mobile app
LO92151 News Pink community analysis fix
LO92151 News Add escaping to Json value when converting Connections Event to Json string.
LO92151 Profiles Improvements for handling old and new user external ID when changed
LO92151 Profiles Profiles enhancements to support Orient Me
LO92151 Profiles Fixed an infinite loop when tracing was set to
LO92151 Profiles Fixed the problem where ISAM Invites to My Network and Follow options were not working
LO92151 WidgetContainer/
Fixed an issue where Orient Me was responding with 404s which caused iOS devices to show a stack trace

IC 6.0 CR1

APAR# Component Problem Description
LO91862 Activities Corrected the problem where a custom date in the Activities To Do item would displayed the wrong date
Activities Fixed a problem in Activities due to locks on the Oracle backend
Activities Fixed a problem with Communities Activities where the “_er_container_owning_org” would be null when adding a community member to activity
LO92535 Activities Improvements to cookie handling in Activites
LO92652 Activities Fixed a UI error under certain circumstances when creating a
Community Activity.
LO93260 Activities Fix the problem where the Add Entry, Add Section, and Add To Do buttons were not visible under certain circumstances.
LO93087 Activity Stream Correct the behavior of the File Download dialog for Files in the Activity stream where it would open two times in Firefox
LO93040 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Implement the new search history panel for bookmark components
LO92342 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Fixed a problem with the Blogs Search index where it did not update
LO92364 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Error handling improvements to the Calendar search index
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Fixed the problem where the Connections Admin user was not able to access Blogs
LO92401 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar By default, every link in blogs will not send “Referer” header, but now you can change this by add online configuration in LCC.xml, here’s the example:
<genericProperty name=”blogs.noreferer.policy”>false</genericProperty>
set as “false” if you want the “Referer” header, set as true if you do not want it (default)
LO92629 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar General improvements to make Blogs URLs more consistent
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Added support for the characters $-_.+!*'() in Blog URLs
LO87330 Common UI Corrected a truncation issue in Files Tours
Common UI Corrected the problem where the “like” icon would not display when changing the theme
LO92374 Common UI Corrected the persist setting for round trip editing
Common UI Improved object allocation in WidgetContainers
LO92462 Common UI Fixed uploading a new version of a file when another version was uploaded by a different user in the same session.
LO92475 Common UI Corrected a problem where users could not copy text within the Community widgets using Firefox
LO92626 Common UI Implemented a setting to make the typeahead style for all Connections apps consistent with the style used in Files with an online configuration in LCC.xml. Add the line into LCC.xml to enable this style:
<genericProperty name=”people.legacytypeahead.navigation”>true</genericProperty>
LO92506 Common UI Fixed a problem with copy/paste for an image was not working in Chrome
LO92637 Common UI Fixed the problem where a user was unable to scroll to bottom of the app palette
LO92844 Common UI Fixed the problems with Status Update Comments and Event Functionality for Chrome 60
LO92555 Common UI Corrected a layout issue for the different profile types
Communities Fixed the problem where the bookmarked Community content was displayed under the top navigation menu
Communities Groups with special characters in description can now be successfully searched
Communities Addressed cosmetic issues in the Community side navigation layouts
Communities Corrected a display issue for layouts in the Community when the back button was used from the full page widget
Communities Fixed a cosmetic issue with the default community logo
Communities Addressed log noise from stylesheets referencing a missing image
Communities Improvements to the community logo
LO92761 Communities Fixed the problem where the members widget was not able to be renamed or moved when a community had a large number of widgets
Communities Fixed scrolling down on the main page of the Community widgets to see the footer
LO93002 Communities Improvements to the consistency of the Search button menu across applications.
LO92967 Communities The dropdown application menu now opens with the current application selected.
LO92812 Communities Improvements to the Tag widget APIs in the Communities Overview page
Communities Fixed broken links to the IBM Docs files in the Community Files widget
LO92903 Community Calendar [Chrome 60] When timezone is set from UTC+00:00 to UTC+14:00, user will see “Event starts in the past” message
LO92047 Community Catalog Improvements to translations for Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese
LO93187 Core – Common services Fixed an issue where the style was getting a SSL connection from the JVM default security provider (uses cacerts as its keystore) rather than the WAS provided one.
Core – Common services Corrected a lock contention for Profiles
Core – Common services Corrected a lock contention for Blogs
LO92547 Core – Common services Implemented the “Open in Mobile” link for Activities notifications
LO90258 Core – Common services Implemented the “Open in Mobile” link for notifications of File Comments, Community Status Comments, and Community Bookmark.
Core – Common services Incorporated additional settings to force TLSv1.2 to be used
LO92814 Core – Common services Corrected a problem with the Ajax proxy and encoding spaces
LO92511 Core – Common services Refinements in the UploadFile.xml file
LO92554 Directory services,Waltz Fixed the problem when not all users were able to access Activities if the federated repositories are configured to use two domino LDAP servers
LO92306 Discussion Forums Feeds for Forum topic replies now work with tags
LO92329 Discussion Forums Corrected Events SPI where they previously returned null for Forum Topic event items
LO92272 ECM Integration/Filenet CCM Added sorting for Library Sharing typeahead
Files Addressed a display issue in the Community Files widget where the Add button on the full widget page would extend beyond the border
Files Implemented RTF & Txt viewers in the Connections Files widget
Files Fixed notifications for IBM Docs events
LO92712 Files Corrected Video orientation on videos recorded on mobile
LO92770 Files Fixed the problem where the Wiki version comparison dropdown would be empty and Refresh button would fail
Files Addressed log noise generated for EJPVJ9926E: Unable to get the collection with the ID
Files Corrected various UI issues in the Files upload dialog for Chrome 60
Files The URLs in the Customized User menu were incorrect for Files
LO93112 Files Addressed log noise generated by the Rich Content widget
LO92062 Global Search Fixed an issue where a blank comment would cause a NullPointerException in the Status Updates indexing
LO92222 Global Search Improvements to retrieving a person internal id
Global Search SearchCellConfig.updateRecencyBoost(“content”, “0.2”) no longer throws an exception
LO92684. Global Search Correct the problem where the 5.5 Search Panel would be displayed in the IBM Connections Engagement Center’s customize page and not function correctly
LO92760 Global Search Removed extra padding in Search for the Community widgets
LO92852 Global Search Full Text Search is now working for updated file versions
LO92879 Global Search Corrected a display problem for tags that included umlauts in search results
Global Search Addressed log noise when a circuitbreaker timed out of a waltz call to look up user groups
LO92549 Global Search The “Do you know” widget in Profiles now properly displays users with quotes in their name
LO92361 Global Search TDI generated lifecycle events are now correctly processed by News when the guid/external id have been changed
LO92472 Homepage My Page widgets now link to the appropriate components when debug = true is active
Homepage Reduced log noise generated by SRVE8109W: Uncaught exception thrown by filter struts2
Infrastructure/Configuration Added Orient Me Service Reference & Generic Property to the LCC.xml
Metrics – Cognos Metrics – Addressed exceptions generated after life-cycle events
LO93259 Metrics – Files Fixed the problem where the Files Metrics Page did not have scroll bars when using Internet Explorer or Firefox
LO92576 Mobile Update APNS Certificates
LO92254 Mobile Restored which was missing in IC 6.0
News Corrected the issue where previous transformations of news-config.xml could result in duplicate scheduled tasks being defined
News Corrections to the notification for liking a reply on a Forum Topic
LO92687 News Fixed the Notification content for a user liking a comment on their own Blog entry.
LO91254 Profiles My Links widget now correctly encodes space characters
LO92315 Profiles Fixed TDI load_photos_from_files command that previously failed for external users
Profiles Corrected a cosmetic issue on the Homepage where a little (1px) whitespace line would be displayed behind the profile picture
Profiles Cleaned up a dojo/parser::parse() error when viewing My Profiles
Improvements to iWidget rendering which was not checking that the widget URI was registered in the widget catalog
LO92033 Wikis Fixed pagination for Wiki comments and versions
Wikis The Rich Content Widget now works communities with customized context root
LO92675 Wikis The trash folder for Wikis now appear if there’s no pages in the Wiki
Wikis Updated the Rich Content widget so it no longer relied on Wikis to be enabled (see TechNote 2010187 for details)
Source for Fix List:



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