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Connections 6.0 CR5 has been released

Today Connections 6.0 CR5 has been released – likely the last CR done under IBMs flag. It brings a few new features next to the collection of iFixes.

So, what’s new?

1. Files ownership can now be transferred to another user (by the administrator as of now)

2. The new TinyMCE 5 editor is available for free, which allows you to extend and customise the editor in Connections even more with over 50 possible Plugins that allow you to bring in even more functionality!

3. Enhancements to the notifications and newsletters, e.g. link-stripping for non whitelisted URLs or a customisable organisation footer in your newsletters.

4. Last but not least as a Tech Preview a file picker that can be added to Slack, to allow users to share files from Connections directly in Slack without having to download them first.

5. You can now also use Oracle Database 12c Release 2 as well as 18c, but you will need to regard this Technote.

6. Support for WebSphere, when installing the following iFix.

Where can I download everything I need?

You can download CR5 here at FixCentral.

Make sure you update the Files and Wikis database with these scripts.

If you want install the new TinyMCE 5 editor then grab it here.

The CR5 installation guide can be found here.

When installing CR5 a lot of changes are made to the way the Community Catalog page works (requiring less reloads) which will require the end users browser to fetch a new version of Connections pages instead of grabbing them from the browsers cache. To force the browser to do that you will need to change the version time stamp of Connections. This is how it is done.

Here the list of fixes included in CR5:

APAR#ComponentProblem Description
LO94173ActivitiesFixed an issue when removing assignee from an Activity Todo.

ActivitiesGeneral improvement to Activities

BlogsUpdates to the Blogs application cookie
LO94168BlogsFixed an error in Ideation Blogs when mixed protocols were used to post ideas.

BlogsBlog contents in Community Widget is correctly displayed IE11

Blogs, WikisImprovements to the cellpadding attribute in CKEditor for Blogs and Wikis
LO94186BookmarksGeneral Improvement to Bookmarks
LO94164Common servicesGeneral improvements for the event SPIs which do not have the designated data for users who are mentioned in a piece of content.

Common UIFixed the problem whereScrolling to top would increasing the Forums’ footer in some cases
LO94180Common UICorrected an issue where Social mail Navigation Handler caused errors for adding tags on Files
LO94156CommunitiesCorrected the problem where the Community Overview page would constantly refresh due the Rich Content widget LastModified header not being updated.Handle the situation that there isn’t a LastModified header.

CommunitiesReduced log noise when the Member list is empty in a Community.

CommunitiesFixed the error when parsing the overflow menu items for a Community has a single-quote in title
LO94172CommunitiesCommunity description fir Tages now adhere to custom context root
LO94176CommunitiesFixed an issue where the Community Catalog was not correctly reading the “Show Trending” setting

CommunitiesFolders from File shares in the Communities Files widget are accessible over HTTPS/HTTP

CommunitiesRecent Communities are now displayed in Settings/Application Access menu

CommunitiesThe Rich Content widgets will display a different image with the same name without refreshing the browser cache.
LO94167Communities,WidgetsImprovements to the Rich Content widget where it previously required the server’s JVM to be set to English and would not load if the ETag cache header in http was not set
LO94174Communities,WidgetsImprovement to the Rich Content widget to display the title
LO94170Community CalendarThe calendar correctly starts on Monday in Suomi
LO94165Community CatalogGeneral improvements to the external domain interaction.
LO94177FilesMy File Sharing now only displays active users.

FilesFile access is recorded for users not in the access list if access through “share a file by link”

FilesFiles feed API returns the correct state when the File is not locked in Desktop Plugins
LO94171ForumsGeneral improvements to Forums

ForumsImprovements to text highlights in Forums
LO94166ICECCorrected an issue where the Tag-Cloud Widget did not display all tags for non-admin members in the Community
LO94185ICECPersonalization Rule no longer fails in News Widget

ICECCorrected an unexpected closure when ICEC custom widget configurator was opened
LO94175MobileNew APNS Certs to replace those expiring on July 21, 2019
LO94182MobileAddress log noise on startup for Mobile

SearchReduced log noise generated by the Memcached client initialization.

SearchFixed the problem where the Search summary results would display duplicate characters when searching for certain German compound words.
LO94160WidgetContainerProcessWidgets endpoint now returns a 400 when processing a user request.

WikisWiki comments no longer intermittently disappear

WikisLinks to child Wiki pages at the bottom of the main Wiki now open at the top of the Wiki page

WikisGeneral improvements to Wikis

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