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Error “INFO This iFix is not for your current DocsConversion version.” when installing IBM Docs 2.0 CR3 iFix001

In another blog entry I had been asked by Kenneth if it is an expected behaviour, that when installing CR3 iFix001 you get the message “INFO This iFix is not for your current DocsConversion version.” if you installed the Linux version of the Conversion Server.  After checking back with developement this is indeed a defect.  To go around this and also deploy the fix for the conversion server please follow those instructions:

1. Login the server on which DMGR is running, change directory to DMGR_INSTALL_ROOT/config/cells/CELL_NAME/IBMDocs-config, for example
2. In the file conversion-config.json, search “build-info”, and add one line — “ifix_version”: 25, like this–
 “build-info”: {
    “ifix_version”: 25,
    “build_version”: “”,
    “build_description”: “IBM Connections Docs 2.0.0”,
    “product_name”: “IBM Connections Docs”,
    “build_timestamp”: “20171030-1520”
3. Save and synchronize the changes, from DMGR web console -> System administration -> Nodes -> Select all the nodes -> Full Resynchronize
4.Then go to the patch directory, and apply patch again.

Update: A technote has now been published here.


  1. Hi Martti, I have just tried and that did the trick. Thank you so much for your help 🙂

    • Martti Garden Martti Garden

      My pleasure and I am happy that this worked!

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