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How to add a banner notification to Orient Me?

With CR4 and specifically Component Pack for Connections 6.0 we have added the ability to notify Connections users of important news in Orient Me. This is a functionality which lack thereof in the past has kept some customers to move from the original Homepage to Orient Me.

To enable and create banner news in Orient Me you need two things: the Connections Customizer as well as, obviously, Orient Me. 😉

If you have those two go to your Application Registry for the Customizer ( and create a new app. You then copy the following text in the Code Editor:

"name": "",
"title": "",
"description": "Global Defaults for OrientMe Service",
"services": [
"state": "disabled",
"extensions": [
"name": "Announcements override",
"type": "",
"payload": {
"announcements": [
"title": "THINK 2019 and the Collaboration Community Day is here!",
"message": "Explore the potential for transforming your business model into insight-driven, customer-centric, cognitive enterprise on cloud. Get hands-on experience building your next business model on the world’s first cloud-based data and analytics with built-in cognitive and business intelligence.",
"link": "",
"linkTitle": "THINK 2019"
"title": "IBM Connections has now been upgraded!",
"message": "IBM Connections has now been upgraded to CR4 as well as component pack! Enjoy the new community catalog page, improvements to your Orient Me homepage, Wiki auto-locking and much more!",
"link": "",
"linkTitle": "Show me whats new in Connections CR4!"
"path": "orientme"

In there you can add multiple news, where you can fill out the following fields:

title: Text shown in the top part of Orient Me, teasing users to click on MORE.

message: The text that is being shown when clicking on MORE.

link: A link that can be added for more information or a different website added to the bottom of the message text.

linkTitle: Text shown instead of the long link added in the link field.

Once added and saved the next time a user opens Orient Me they will see the banner news on top of their important to me panel.

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