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IBM Connections 5.5 CR3 released

While IBM Connections 6 has already been released, the last version of course still gets some love: the Cumulative Refresh (CR) 3 has been released.

The Guide for applying the CR3 to Connections 5.5 can be found here.

And of course here the list of the download locations:

FixCentral:    IBM Connections 5.5 CR3

FixCentral:    TDISol Update for Windows

FixCentral:    TDISol Update for Linux and AIX

FixCentral:    Ephox Editors Update for CR3

If you are using the RichText widgets in Communities make sure to follow these additional instructions!

Here is the list of things that are being fixed:


APAR# Component Problem Description
LO90620 @Mention,Communities Fixed an issue where in a private community, @mentioning a group only member would generate a message that the user would not be able to view the messeage
LO90492 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Corrected the text wrapping when an idea has 1000 or more votes
LO90620 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Fixed a problem in a Restricted Communities when adding a group as a member would result in the users of that group not being able to be mentioned correctly.
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Reduced log noise generated by Blogs.
LO91039 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar [IE 11]Fixed a problem with the “Add Bookmark” button from the Bookmark Tools page
LO91007 Common UI Reduced log noise generated by Locales that exceed 5 characters
LO89187 Common UI Fixed the problem where Connections Mail would not work correctly on the Search page
Common UI Corrected a truncation issue with long Forum’s titles
LO90376 Common UI Fixed a benign dojo error with custom widgets
LO91337 Common UI Corrected the “unable to process your request” message generated when opening a folder by selecting the left navigator
LO91811 Common UI Correct the translation of Communities in Brazilian Portuguese
LO83410 Common UI Fixed the video thumbnail upload option when “use full path” is set for Internet Explorer
LO91775 Common UI Fixed the problem where Notes AS gadget was not loading correctly
Communities Fixed the Atom API for a new user following a community
Communities Corrected an issues where tags in a Community overview did not display when the context root was customized
LO91751 Communities Fixed a problem where groups with special characters in description would not be displayed in the search results
LO91354 Communities Made improvements with the Rich Content widget in a multi-node server
LO90801 Custom Library/ECM Integration/Filenet CCM Corrected the Library share link where the Community name would be displayed instead of Library name
LO91811 Custom Library/ECM Integration/Filenet CCM Fixed an intermittent issue affecting Library “View all Files and Folders” button
LO91805 Custom Library/ECM Integration/Filenet CCM Enabled ability to co-edit for Owners and Editors in the initial draft in library
LO91674 Directory services Restored WPI lookup failover support.
LO90923 Discussion Forums Corrected a problem that caused Forums Search crawl would fail
LO90652 Files Fixed an inconsistency in metadata between old and new file versions.
LO90673 Files Updated the default Search filter in the Files application from “All Files” to “My Files”
LO90882 Files Corrected the Share File dialog would not resize correctly
Files Return full ACL of Files in the Mobile app
LO90456 Files Fixed a display issue where scroll bars would not displayed and the footer was missing in a Community Files search
Files Corrected an issue where multiple labels would be created for a file label
LO91259 Files Fixed the problem when selecting a notification link for Wikis would generated a “page not found” message
LO91289 Files Corrected an issue with special characters that were displayed as entities in a File comment in an email notification
Files Corrected a problem where some requests to get the image content in the Rich Content Widget would generate a 403 error
LO91017 Homepage Enabled FLV files to play in the activity stream.
LO91850 Homepage,News, Forums, Mobile General improvement in Forums, Mobile, Homepage and News
Infrastructure Updates to French, Basque and Russian translations
LO90965 Metrics – Cognos Improvements to Connections Cognos metrics for profile updates
LO90817 Mobile Fixed the problem where Activity Section Entries were not paging properly
Mobile Corrected the Activity Search Results not Displaying
Mobile Implemented a new navigation ordering for the IC Mobile App
Mobile Provided Quick Results and Desktop File Sync enablement settings
LO90678 News Improvements to the News cleanup service
LO91111 News Fixed an issue that would generated the message – ORA-00904: “PERSON”.”HOME_ORG_ID”: invalid identifier error on running wsadmin command syncAllMembersByExtId in the log files
LO91101 News Corrected an issue with URLs posted in Status Updates with the “#” character
LO91551 News Fixed a problem when a user comments on another user’s community status update the news story reads that they have commented on their message.
LO091265 News Fixed the problem where an @mentions to a user whose name contained periods would in some cases lead to corruption of the @mention
LO91252 News Corrected the problem where the Recent Updates feed would be empty if the Status Update widget is disabled
News Fixed a failure in the jython call NewsActivityStreamService.updateApplicationRegistrationForEmailDigest
LO91403 News Corrected intermittent Connections notification failures
News Fixed the problem where a user would stop following a blog but would still receive a notification
LO92004 News Corrected the problem where News syncAllMembersByExtId() wsadmin command unpredictably failed to make changes
LO90886 Profiles Improvements to AdminClientContext identification for SIB Event publishing
LO90471 Profiles Fixed an issue in Search where it did not find an umlaut in the Profile background/experience fields
LO91348 Profiles Corrected an issue where the ‘Share a file’ button should not be visible when viewing the profile of a visitor
LO91922 Profiles Fixed the problem when a GUID is changed (usually via TDI), the search index stills holds to profile of old GUID so a Profiles Directory query returns duplicate users, one with the new guid and one with the old guid
LO91348 Waltz Fixed the problem in IBM DOCS where a user could not view or edit a document after a few hours
LO90988 WidgetContainer/WidgetFramework Corrected reposting a status update that wouldn’t insert the actor email and displayName for access via the events spi
WidgetContainer/WidgetFramework Generated feature URIs within the gadget iFrame have always started with ‘//’ rather than the scheme for accessing the server
LO91777 WidgetContainer/WidgetFramework Added a check to prevent the Community app title to be only blank spaces

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