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IBM Connections 6.0 CR2 has been released

IBM Connections 6.0 CR2 has just been released. It combines many previous fixes into one installable package and thus makes upgrading a new Connections 6.0 environment much easier.

You can find the download package here on FixCentral.

You will need to update the databases of Communities, Files, HomePage, Metrics and Wikis using the scripts found here.

A guide for updating Connections to 6.0 CR2 can be found here.


The CR2 for Connections 6.0 contains the following fixes (also found here):

APAR# Component Problem Description
LO93300 Activities Corrected the problem when an activity entry is moved that has a To Do with a single assigned  user to another activity, the assigned user was being removed from the To Do.
Activities Fixed the problem in the Connections Mobile app where Activities OAuth Follow would return a 403
LO93677 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Fixed an issue where the timezone settings were reset when accessing a Community Blogs with the Chrome browser
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Implemented a change where the time zone in a Community blog could not be updated when using the Chrome browser
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Enabled “follow” atom api in Blogs for Mobile OAuth Support
LO93726 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Fixed the problem with the encoding of special characters and @mentions displaying incorrectly in Blogs comments in the Activity stream
Common UI The To Do widget now displays the bizcard when hovering over a name.
LO93624 Common UI Implemented localized strings used in the navbar component for selecting new or classic homepage as the user’s default.
Communities External users can now follow a community
LO93575 Communities Fixed a problem with the Community service url where it was not properly set on the Community’s edit page
LO93785 Communities Fixed the problem where the Community card was not working on external site
Communities The title of Rich Content widget will displayed for community members. This change requires a Gatekeeper Key to enable it. Contact Connections support for instructions
Community Italic text will now display in the Community description
LO93235 Community The H2 heading in the Rich Content widget will now be visible to community members
Core – Common services Corrected the problems associated when a customized context root is used for the Connections Applications
LO93535 Integration/Filenet CCM Fixed the problem with the FileNet Library widget where it would display encoded characters in the Library Titles
LO92136 Files IBM Docs event notifications are now correctly sent to users
LO90652 Files Implemented sorting of Files by ‘shared’
Files Implemented searching for File names in nested shared folders.
LO93538 Files Fixed a problem where the Community File Icon would not download a file when clicked
LO93592 Files Wiki pages now print
LO93696 Files Fixed an issue where anonymous users with access to a public/ moderated community. Previously they could see the files list in the “Overview” tab but would not see any documents after clicking on “All Document”
LO93712 Files Corrected the behavior of navigating back from a Community Search to the Community
LO93853 Files Implemented a detailed message when attempting to access a Private File
Forums Documented the LCC Setting for retrieving topics and replies in Forums
Forums Updated the Knowledge Center with additional Forums Events
Global Search Implemented the option to add third-party search
LO93577 Global Search Fixed a problem when the Search UI would not work when the Forums application was not installed
Global Search Corrected a problem in the Search Typeahead OAuth API that would return a 401 in Connections Mobile
LO93875 Global Search Fixed a problem where the background Extracting file content would fail
Global Search GDPR support for Search
LO93516 Homepage Corrected translation errors in German and French
LO93756 Homepage The Search icon now is correctly displayed on the Homepage when using the IE 11 browser
LO93792 Infrastructure/Configuration issues Implemented customized context root support for Tours
LO93903 Infrastructure/Configuration issues Fixed the problem where Groups would not be correctly sorted in Type Ahead
Metrics – Cognos Fixed the problem in Metrics where Files views would always display 0 in the top content reports
Metrics – Cognos GDPR: Sync personal files library’s name in Metrics if a user’s name was changed
LO93873 Metrics – ElasticSearch Corrected DB2 errors when migrating to ElasticSearch Metrics
LO93917 Mobile GDPR Support for Connections Mobile
LO93791 Mobile Implemented OAuth Support to Connections Mobile
News Corrected an issued with the Impersonator ID which caused events to be skipped
LO93743 News Fixed the behavior when adding a custom widget using wsadmin support resulted in it appearing on MyPage.
LO93584 News Adjusted SQL statements to match the updated data types in MSSQL 2016.
Profiles The “Next” and “Previous” links from the Profiles Search results work correctly
LO93594 Profiles Fixed a problem where Inactive Profiles were returned in the Profile feed
Share Box Corrected the problem where a certain sequence of steps would corrupt the Share box when using IE 11
LO93527 WidgetContainer/WidgetFramework Expanded the default rule to allow widgets to talk back to the server they were loaded from
LO93543 WidgetContainer/WidgetFramework Corrected an issue where timing could have resulted in a Promise not getting resolved in certain case related to loading resources
Widget Corrected the behavior of a custom widget where it was not checking if a user had permission to customize the widget settings before sending save request
LO93287 Widgets Corrected the problem where External Users would be displayed in the Do You Know Widget
LO93628 Widgets Fixed the problem when Edit Linked Library setting would display two widgets when it was loaded first time
LO93994 Widgets Fixed the problem where additional <br> tags are added to the Rich Content Widget on Save
Widgets The Rich Content Widget can successfully be saved when containing an iFrame
Wikis Fixed the problem where the Document Bookmark icon would disappear after saving a wiki
Wiki Saving a Wiki page would add empty lines via additional < /br> tags
LO93481 Wikis Fixed a LinkToWiki attachment issue in Wikis
LO93876 Wikis Corrected a navigation issue with Comments and permalinks
Wikis Fixed a problem where Wikis crawling was causing the Search crawler to loop


  1. Richard Dew Richard Dew

    A word of warning be very careful one of the requirements is to upgrade WAS to the problem is that this version has an issue when using Domino as the LDAP source or using root as the base DN with AD. There is an iFix that is required as well as WAS FP13 or you will get login issues to WebSphere after the upgrade. it is now listed in the installation guide as from today but was not in the original document so don’t get caught out.

    • Martti Garden Martti Garden

      Thank you for the warning!

    • Richard Dew Richard Dew

      Another one that has caught me out if you are running CR1 and you updated the LotusConnections_Config.xml file to add the parameter the CR2 install will fail with an error in the Connections\_install.log such as this :-

      – copy [] from [C:\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles\Dmgr01\config\cells\CONNECTIONSCell01\LotusConnections-config] into [C:\Users\ADMIN_~1\AppData\Local\Temp\2\tmp0LotusConnections-config]

      Upgrade XML files in [C:\Users\ADMIN_~1\AppData\Local\Temp\2\tmp0LotusConnections-config] from [60CR1] to [60CR1] …

      – [C:\Users\ADMIN_~1\AppData\Local\Temp\2\tmp0LotusConnections-config\LotusConnections-config.xml]

      Invalid – [C:\Users\ADMIN_~1\AppData\Local\Temp\2\tmp0LotusConnections-config\LotusConnections-config.xml] invalid according to [C:\IBM\Connections\xkit\LotusConnections-config\LotusConnections-config.xsd]

      – [C:\Users\ADMIN_~1\AppData\Local\Temp\2\tmp0LotusConnections-config\communities-config.xml]

      You need to remove the parameter from the xml file and then sync the node and try again should then work. I figured this out off the back of a technote roll back document IBM sent out :-

      I am happy to say that I have now finally got CR2 running and all looks good 🙂

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