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IBM Connections 6.0 CR3 is out

Today CR3 for IBM Connections 6.0 has been released. It contains all fixes of CR1 and CR2 as well as the ones from the list below.  In addition CR3 improves Communities by leveraging IBM Connections Engagement Center technology to allow surfacing interesting information better inside of a community (Highlight App). You can now also search for the community you are looking for right from the community catalog page.

You can download it here (1,56GB).

You will also need to update the databases using the scripts here.

As always you can use the update guide published here for guidance with the upgrade.

There also is a known issue when using Cognos and WebSphere  You can find the details & the workaround here.

Highlight App:

Highlights App


Community filtering:

Filtering for communities

It fixes the following things:

APAR# Component Problem Description
LO94031 Activities Improvements in the display of the navigation bar in Activities
Activities Fixed a problem with Activity Entry and Todo where extended content would not be available in event data
Activity Stream Addressed a security error in IE11 when posts contained http:/ /emailaddress
LO94026 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Fixed the problem where the color of Upper border was not changed on table for Blogs entry
LO94061 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Blogs tables now retain cell spacing
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Fix a problem where the “Public Blogs” and “My updates” options in the navigation bar for Blogs were not selectable
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Improved the consistency of the  behavior in Blogs for restricted access
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Fixed the behavior where an @ symbol was not removed in Blogs when @mentioning user was not member of the community
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Addressed log noise for Blogs
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Corrected the Preview of a user in an @Mention in Blogs
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Fixed a hung thread with hit count in the Blogs database
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Addressed an encoded character display issue for Bookmark in notifications and in the  Activity Streams
LO93976 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Corrected the behavior of Bookmarks and getting authentication using a proxy server
LO93977 CCM/FileNet Selecting the Folder’s thumbnail in a community library returns to the Community Overview page
LO94015 Communities Apostrophes and other special characters in the Subject field of in Community  Mail are correctly displayed
Communities Fixed the problem where a Community would continuously reload under certain circumstances when the Rich Content widget was enabled on Overview page
Communities Fixed a problem where the selected menu for Community blogs is Apps instead of Community
LO94070 Common UI Improvements in CSS resources from CKEditor iFrame
LO94045 Files FilesDataIntegrityService.checkFiles now creates temp index directories where it was previously failing
Forums Corrected the display issue where an extra @ in an @mentions was displayed in the EE comments for Forums
Forums Fixed the problem when after running the wsadmin command ForumsService.reCountForumById(),  the Topics/Messages counters on the Forum Page would gets set falsely to 0/0
Forums Corrected the display for special characters in the Forum title in the Community Forum widget
LO94069 General General improvements in Forums, Homepage, News, and Mobile
LO94091 Homepage Non-ascii characters are no longer encoded in the Widget title of a custom homepage widget
Homepage General improvement to adminapi.jsp
LO94046 Infrastructure General improvement in the Rich Content widget user agent
Install Uninstalling a Connections application no longer removes some shared WAS variables
LO94051 Mobile FCM Endpoint is used instead of GCM for Android Push Notification Support
LO94020 Mobile New APNS Certs for Mobile Connections
Mobile Orientation of pictures taken with Mobile phones are now displayed correctly
LO93405 Notifications Fixed an issue in the notification center (bell icon in header) where it was not working if a users profile was tagged
LO94101 Search General improvements to Search
LO94081 Search External users are no longer set to inactive by the people_finder search index if they do not belong to a community
LO93777 Widgets Fixed the problem where third party widget were de-registered after the News application was restarted
Widgets Fixed a problem where a DBCS URL would fail in “Add to my bookmarks”
Wikis Fixed the problem where overlapping occurred when using a Table of Contents in the Community Wiki page with a top level menu.


    • Martti Garden Martti Garden

      It is a limited use license. The highlight app only allows for integrating Connections internal content within Communitys. Think of it as ICEC light. If you have the full ICEC if course you will be able to continue using it. What it means in terms of installation – not sure, yet. Doing an installation of CR3 on a system with ICEC already enabled just now.

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