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IBM Connections 6.0 CR4 release information & download link collection

Today CR4 for IBM Connections 6.0 has been released and as always here the collection of all relevant links for the ease of use.  CR4 contains all fixes of CR1, CR2 and CR3 as well as the ones from the list below and brings many new features which you can read up here. 

You can download it here. (1,58GB).

You will also need to update the databases using the scripts here.

As always you can use the update guide published here for guidance with the upgrade.

You can find the Component Pack here at Fixcentral (4GB).

If you want to install the IBM Connections Customizer Lite 1.0 (a standalone version of the Customizer without the Component Pack), then you can grab it from here (192MB).

Last but not least here you can find the latest version of the Ephox Editor ( 


Here you can find what has been fixed in CR4:

APAR Component Description
LO94114 Activities Addressed the problem where Activity ToDo events with attached or linked file did  not have correlation information when received from Connections.
LO94110 Activities Addressed the problem where some users were unable to log into Activities
LO94115 Activities, Core – Common services Improvements to the error message
  Blogs Links now work correctly when clicking on a link within a Blog to a Wiki page from the Homepage flyout page
  Blogs Fixed an issue where an inactive user was shown to have updated a Blog post under certain circumstances
LO94133 Bookmarks  Bookmark links via snippet can be opened when in iframe
LO94120 CCM/FileNet Improved the message displayed in the Library Widget if an uploaded file size exceeds allowed file size
  CKEditor Upgraded the CKEditor to version 4.7.2
LO94100 Common UI Corrected an issue where the history results in the Search panel was stealing the focus opening the panel
LO94140. Common UI Corrected the problem where In some circumstances, a GUID would be appended after the name when users are adding @mentions to CKEditor
LO94130 Common UI Fixed the problem where customizations of the Profiles widgets failed to display
  Communities Corrected a typo in Dutch translation using Quick Results Search in Communities
LO94147 Communities Fixed the problem where the Mail Community button did not open the mail client when using Chrome.
LO94106 Communities, Profiles General improves in Communities and Profiles
  Community Calendar Correct an issue where the Search seedlist for Calendar failed in certain circumstances
LO94132 Community Catalog Reduced log noise in the isRecentlyVisitedSorting function
LO94122 Discussion Forums Addressed a problem where the Forums widget would not load for some Communities.
  Discussion Forums Reduced CLFRV0235E log noise generated by Forums
LO94134 Discussion Forums Improved the error message when paging through Forum replies that the user has been logged out.
LO94102 Filenet CCM CCM Library Document thumbnail links now take the user to the Document overview page of Library Widget
  Files Corrected the problem where the Share link scope UI description does not match scope API parameter used
LO94129 Infrastructure/Configuration issues Reduced log noise in Connections lookup of EXTERNAL source
LO94103 Mobile Fixed the failure to sync files when using Connections Mobile OAuth with Webseal virtual host junctions
LO94096 News Resolved an issue with certain newsletters failing to be sent involving registered third party applications
LO94124 News Fixed an issue with Followers Org update
LO94088 Profiles Umlaute letters are now displayed correctly on search by Profile By Name
LO94121 Profiles Fixed a problem where the My Links widget in Profiles displayed “&” in the link
  Profiles Fixed the problem where the “Blog link” field in Profiles was converting Blog URLs to lower case leading to “page not found”
LO94148 Profiles Blog link field in Profile changing Blog URLs to lower case leading to page not found and Remove Chat button
  Profiles Remove the “Chat” button on the Profiles view if Sametime is not enabled 
  Search Resolved the issue where the Recommendations widget would fail to load
LO94099 Search Upgrade to Oracle InsideOut v8.5.3 for Search
LO94119 Tags Tag Cloud now displays the most popular (most used) tags in a bigger font size
  Widgets Corrected the problem where users set the browser language as “Simplified Chinese” but the Highlights widget would display in  “Traditional Chinese”
  Widgets Community Widget Title customizations now display correctly in French
LO94131 Wikis Fixed an issue where if there was no other wikis page the user would not be taken to the wikis home page
LO94090 Wikis Improve Query for Wikis retriever
  Wikis Fixed the problem where HTML code from a wiki page in a rich content widget was making the page unreadable.


In addition to these Connections fixes the following things have been improved on the ICEC side:

Improvements in authentication in ICEC for the user and administrator
The Static Blog widget correctly displays the address tag 
Improved the display of blockquote formatting in the Static Blog widget
Corrected an issue in Page Reader access of an ICEC page
Corrected the problem in Print Preview for News where characters or sentences would be cut off under certain circumstances
[IE only] Fixed the problem in the News widget where Java script errors would be displayed if a Blog entry had an image 
The Ideation Blog widget will now display the latest ideas when there are multiple Ideation Blog widgets                   
Fixed the problem where the ICEC administrator failed to authenticate under certain circumstances   
Corrected the problem where certain widgets would not be available when ICEC Standalone was deployed with IC 6.0 CR3
[iOS mobile] Fixed the “Error loading blog Entry” problem when clicking a Blog entry in the Top News widget 
Improvements to the blog hit count where the News widget would increase the count when viewing the ICEC portal page if News was configured to use “Selected”-“Search Latest Additions”.
Corrected the problem where Javascript and CSS files were not loading in anonymous mode
Improvements to the DB script to create the XCC database with an Oracle backend on AWS RDS system 
The Highlights widget correctly displays  “Communities”- “Highlights” in  “Simplified Chinese”
General improvements to the Domain Whitelist


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