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IBM Connections Component Pack has been released

IBM has just released the IBM Connections Component Pack (aka Pink Pack).

What’s new:

  • Full upgrade path
  • New Sanity monitoring service (see Using Sanity to monitor Component Pack)
  • Performance enhancements and bug fixes for Orient Me, Customizer, and ElasticSearch
  • Support for changing the ICp user credentials
  • MongoDB now uses Intermediate CA for internal communication

In addition to this from my own experience the installation of the Customizer component has been streamlined and improved.

You can download it here.

Below you can have a look at the Sanity monitoring service. It allows you see in one view if all services are running properly (colored green) and get some details when clicking on each service.

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  1. Richard Dew Richard Dew

    Hi Martti, have you completed the customizer installation and if so did you add in a separate NGINX server or install it on the same server as the IBM HTTP Server? Reason I ask is that I have added a separate CENTOS server running NGINX which works fine but as it has a separate DNS entry. My Connections environment now runs on the DNS entry for the NGINX server and not the Connections DNS entry. I wondered if there was a way around this when running a stand alone server for NGINX?

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