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IBM Connections Docs 2.0 CR3 ifix005 has been published

The Docs Development team has just published IBM Connections Docs 2.0 CR3 ifix005 on FixCentral.

These are the fixes included in the ifix:

Installation and integration:

  • Fixed the issue of incorrect error handling at Docs server side for the wrong response returned by the REST API of 3rd party repository.
  • Fixed the issue of failing to add a new node with a version mismatching error after upgrading IBM Docs.

Documents editor:

  • Added Navigation Pane in documents for users to quickly navigate the document through Outline.
  • Enhanced the performance of rendering large and complex tables.
  • Added three document JavsScript APIs: enableTrackChange, disableTrackChange and clearChangeHistory.

Spreadsheets editor:

  • Enhanced inserting and deleting cells function in spreadsheets by adding the options of Insert Cells and Shift Right/Down and Delete Cells and Shift Left/Up.
  • Fixed the issue that comments cannot move together with cells when cut/paste.
  • Fixed the issue that conditional formatting does not refresh when input or undo/redo.
  • Fixed the issue that the date format does not change with the document locale for imported .xls files in IBM Docs.
  • Fixed the issue that delete one sheet, refresh, and then new edits for the other remaining sheets cannot be saved.

Presentations editor:

  • Fixed the issue that SVG images cannot be displayed in IE browser.
  • Fixed the issue that multi-column text cannot be displayed correctly in textbox.
  • Fixed the issue that font size in imported .pptx files were changed in IBM Docs in some cases.


  • Fixed the issue that some specific pictures in pdf files cannot be rendered correctly in Viewer.

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