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IBM Connections Docs CR3 ifix003 has been released

The IBM Connections Docs team has just released ifix003 for CR3.  I guess some customers will be happy to hear, that text documents can now be 600 pages long instead of 300!

You can download it here at FixCentral.

It adds the following enhancements and fixes these bugs:

Included fixes: 

  • Fixed the composite font rendering issue by character encoding.
  • Fixed the issue of not displaying the owner’s co-editing highlights in spreadsheets.
  • Fixed the issue of adding wrong file extension to files when using IBM Docs in IBM Content Navigator.
  • Fixed the issue that PDF files with scanned images are displayed as blank pages in IBM Docs.
  • Fixed the shape rendering issue in presentations.
  • In 3rd party integration, fixed the issue of not displaying all users that have access to the spreadsheet when using area protection in spreadsheets.
  • Fixed the editing focus issue when switching sheets and entering non-formula content in spreadsheets.
  • Fixed the rendering issues of background color and cell content for imported MS Excel files with conditional formatting.
  • Fixed the NPV function issue when handling currency.
  • Enhanced the file size support and changed the page number that can be opened in Documents editor from 300 to 600.
  • Enhanced Copy Formatting in spreadsheets.



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