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IBM Verse On-Premises 1.0 Installation and Integration Guide

For Connect 2017 my colleague Viktor Krantz and I have prepared a hands-on lab that describes how to install Verse On-Premises 1.0 (VoP) and integrate it with IBM Connections to retrieve Profile pictures as well as accessing the Files component to share folders and files stored within IBM Connections via Mail created with Verse.

For this guide we used an environment with a plain IBM Domino 9.0.1 FP7 as well as a vanilla IBM Connections 5.5 CR2. So this guide will not necessarily reflect a production environment, but will give you an idea what needs to be done to install and configure VoP. In addition it shows how to set up SSO between Domino and WebSphere and what changes need to be done to allow Verse On_Premises to access Connections data.

Here you can find the changes you need to do to the httpd.conf on the Connections side – unless you want to type it on your own. 😉


  1. I thin you need to mask the / here:

    SetEnvIf Origin “^http(s)?://(.+\.)?($” origin_is=$0

    Should be
    SetEnvIf Origin “^http(s)?:\/\/(.+\.)?($” origin_is=$0

    Without masking it wasn’t working in my environment.

    • MarttiGarden MarttiGarden

      Interesting – in our environment it works well without it. But it is good to know in case it does not. 🙂

  2. Oliver Rüßel Oliver Rüßel

    Hello Martti Garden,
    is any implementation possible with IBM Connections 6 ? The integration works but pictures wont download vom profiles and no change of picture is possible.

    Best regards

    • Martti Garden Martti Garden

      Hi Oliver,

      unfortunately support for Connections 6 is due later this year. But it shouldn’t be long anymore. I hope. 😉

      • Oliver Rüßel Oliver Rüßel

        Thats great, thanks for the information 🙂

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