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Important note to installing IBM Connections Docs 2.0 CR2

CR2 is installed a little bit different than previous CRs of IBM Connections Docs.   While the documentation states it, it is easy to oversee if you have done previous installation of CR1 a lot of times before – and quite a lot of people missed this and ran into this problem.

With CR2 there are two more statements that need to be provided: -l ${FILESURL} -a ${J2CALIAS} .  Here the complete command:

python -u ${USERNAME} -p ${PASSWORD} -f $ {WSADMINPATH} -l ${FILESURL} -a ${J2CALIAS}
${USERNAME} is the user name of WAS
${PASSWORD} is the password for the user above
${WSADMINPATH} is the full path of wsadmin.bat/ in the local server. On Linux, the default value is “/opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/AppSrv01/bin/”. On
Windows, the default value is “C:\Program Files\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles\AppSrv01\bin\wsadmin.bat”
If you have integrated IBM Docs with IBM Connection Files, the following two parameters are necessary, otherwise, they can be ignored.
${FILESURL} is the URL for IBM Connections Files application. For example, 
${J2CALIAS} is IBM Connections administrative user’s J2C alias for Viewer application. For example, connectionsAdmin

Very important: if you use the default connectionsAdmin, make sure you spell it with a capital “A”.

If you already have done the installation you can still easily fix the non-working Viewer using these instructions.


  1. chenyaping chenyaping

    we install connection 6 on win2012 server,
    connection work well,and we install docs 2.0 with connections,
    install is ok,but in connections file app,in “new” button,when we click “new” button,
    we only find “folder” and “uplod” ,can not find “document” “speadsheet” for docs,
    how could this happen?
    can anyone give us some hints?

    • Martti Garden Martti Garden

      After an installation and given that it was successfully you might have to shut down Connections and Docs and delete the content of the temp and wstemp directories of your WebSphere AppSrv0X directory. Then restart both. In addition you might need to clear the browser cache.

      If that does not work either then something is wrong in the installation and you will need to check the logs for errors.

  2. chenyaping chenyaping

    many thanks for your reply
    i clear cache as you said
    but still can not create new document in file app
    so did you ever integrate connection 6 with docs2?
    i set trace :***=all
    for file app
    but can not find anything
    so how should i set trace level ?
    it is strange that install docs is ok
    and use such url to verify is also ok
    so did you think it is strange too ?

    • Martti Garden Martti Garden

      Quick question: in the Docs configuration files, are the URLs using http or https? If it is http, can you please change it to https?

      And possibly you might have to open a PMR – these things are difficult to solve here. 🙁 But try the above first.

  3. chenyaping chenyaping

    if you have already to integrate connection 6 with docs 2.0
    could you please give me the steps?
    i think,if it something changed during integration and installation contrasted with connection 5.5 ?

  4. chenyaping chenyaping

    in my viewer-config.json: i think nothing missing,and content is different than your post ,but thank you again
    “config”: {
    “uploadRepository”: “lcfiles”,
    “adapters”: [
    “config”: {
    “j2c_alias”: “connectionsAdmin”,
    “s2s_method”: “j2c_alias”,
    “server_url”: “”,
    “files_path”: “S://sharedata/files/upload”
    “id”: “lcfiles”,
    “class”: “”
    “config”: {
    “fncmis_server_url”: “”,
    “community_server_url”: “”,
    “fncs_server_url”: “”

    • Martti Garden Martti Garden

      From what I see you did not change the API-Type as shown here:

      Please try to replace LCFilesEJBRepository with LCFilesCMISRepository . Then you will need to restart the servers again. While this would give you a non-working Viewer, it should not affect the Edit Buttons, though. If the above suggestion does not fix it you might have to open a PMR. One more thing: Did you check that in the editor-config.json the Conversion server URL is set to https instead of http?

  5. chenyaping chenyaping

    it is interestring that under dir:
    i only has such files:

    no file : editor-config.json

    so ….

    • Martti Garden Martti Garden

      My bad: I meant the concord-config.json. I am on vacation right now travelling far from home and only have a mobile phone, so I cannot lookthings up. So please check the concord-config

  6. chenyaping chenyaping

    my god,u just in your travel,i am so sorry about it.

    u mean i should change http to https for serviceurl under conversionService ?
    i found http is the default

    so …
    sorry again for disturbling your travel

    • Martti Garden Martti Garden

      No worries! 🙂 But yes, try setting it to https. Again: do you see any error messages in the Log files in /AppSrv0X/logs/NameOfYourDocsServer/SystemOut.log ?

  7. chenyaping chenyaping

    you mean replace all http in concord-config.json with https ?

    • Martti Garden Martti Garden

      First check if you are seeing messages such as “Non-Trusted SSL communication!” or some in this direction in the logs (can’t remember the exact error). If you do: First make a backup of the file and then do the changes.

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