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Introducing the Visual Update 1 for IBM Connections (Project Periscope)

With the introduction of the IBM Connections Customizer it is now possible to customize the end user interface of IBM Connections 6.0 without having to touch the actual code, since it acts as a proxy between the End Users device and Connections and renders the required changes on the fly. This is a great feature for an on-premises Connections environment. But it is even better for our Connections Cloud, because here we cannot have each customer customize “our” environment by placing files in “our” Connections installation. With the Customizer customers can now even change the UI of Connections Cloud to their liking. We, as IBM, also use this technology to refresh the design of IBM Connections in the same way. This is running internally under the project name Periscope and a first preview for customers running on IBM Connections Cloud and using the Verse theme is now available for them to try out in the App Catalog as an configurable application.

As it is a preview it will not update all applications, yet, but you will see the new and refreshed design in:

  • Profiles
  • Contacts
  • Files / Files Preview
  • Search

As you can see in the screenshot below, many things have been changed, such as colors, buttons, lists, checkboxes etc.

You can find the announcement here.



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