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New June 2017 fixes for Connections 6 and Orient Me released

New fixes for Connections 6 and Orient Me have been released on FixCentral.

You can find the Connections 6.0 Fix here.

Orient Me can be found here.

This is new for Orient Me:

  • Support for a high availability solution.
  • New installation package.
  • Enhanced documentation to describe the upgrade process. Additionally, there is new information on connecting to Connections services on a windows server and managing Redis authentication.
  • Support for these security proxies:
    • ISAM
    • SiteMinder
    • SAML
    • SPNEGO


  1. Richard Dew Richard Dew

    I seem to be having an issue deploying the new OrientMe. When I run I am getting the following error INFO: Script performed with -f|–filesystem. Images will be pulled from from file system
    unknown shorthand flag: ‘e’ in -e
    See ‘docker login –help’.
    [root@vmcfc hybridcloud]# docker login –help

    Looking for this error apparently -e is an old flag that in the newer version of docker you cant use any more?

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