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Today IBM Docs 2.0 CR3 ifix004 has been published

IBM Docs 2.0 CR3 ifix004 is fresh off the development computers and made available via FixCentral.

While not bringing any new major functionality (it is an iFix after all 😉 ) it will bring the following improvements:

  • Removed an incorrect warning of W error loading httpclient: null when starting Viewer server.
  • Fixed the broken link issue of urls that include # when editing or viewing files.
  • Fixed the editing issue on Chrome 67 and later versions that when opening a file for editing, an error shows that the document is already open and requires you to go to the other window for editing.
  • Fixed the issue of incorrect date format display in spreadsheets on Chrome 67 and later versions.
  • Added AED (United Arab Emirates currency) support for Number format in spreadsheets.
  • Added shapes rendering support for imported .xlsx files.
  • In 3rd party integration, enhanced the API to apply the repository language settings in IBM Docs.
  • In 3rd party integration, when IBM Docs and the repository are not in the same domain, fixed the issue of failing to edit the file when trying to open it for the 2nd time on Chrome 67 and later versions.

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