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When your community overview page is constantly reloading

I just happened to have an issue on a Connections 6.0 environment, where after installing an CR the community overview page kept reloading indefinitely.  Stopping the RichTextEditor app prevented that behaviour but of course this is not permanent solution.

Matthias Schneider from my team pointed me in the right direction:  For the RTE Widget to function properly the role for person in the Files app must be set to All Authenticated in Application’s Realm.

So I checked the role setting in my environment and indeed it was set to Everyone instead:

I then changed it to All Authenticated in Application’s Realm…

… restarted the Files and RTE applications in WebSphere and everything worked like a charm again.

Of course, you could just skip that page altogether and start using the much better highlights app introduced in CR3. 😉

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